Month: October 2012

The Morning Press

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Coffee press that is. it has been a long time since I took any time to relax. I don’t let myself do that. I bought the coffee press because it was discounted to $3.48! yes  it was complete. Then it sat on my counter for the weeks, until this morning.

I made a promise to do three things just for me today.

1. Use the Press, an old morning ritual gone by the wayside.

2. Sit out on the deck in the morning fog and marine layer.

3. (the oddest) Go to Costco. I find it is always an adventure and the jaunt around the store does my mind good. Whilst tasting of the offered treats, I hash out plot holes, characters, and storylines. Added bonus is I eat better.

Having accomplished two of my three, I am now blogging for the first time on this blog.

The wonders of the simple things, the Coffee Press. Not to mention the uber-perfect coffee they make.

The chill on the morning air settles over me, the morning dew dampens my hair; I am thankful for the arrival of Fall.

I wrote a complete novel a couple of years back, and the group I was in said it should be in the FP POV, I changed it and have struggled with it ever-since. Last night I dreamed I was writing it in 3rd person. My keyboard clambered to keep up with my fingers. My mind spun with long unanswered questions, and I re-finished the novel typing “The End” and laughing.

The joy of following your soul and the soul’s joy of being freed. I knew deep-down what the story was.