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Yay! Another season begins! And I’m alive!

Kicks imaginary leaves from the pile I just raked up in my head.

I guess that’s why sunrise if so blooming late.

The good part is the chill on the morning breeze and crispness in the air after four days of humid swelter.

Mother Nature has a standard of excellence. Damn the torpedos and full speed ahead into Fall.

We all should live this way.

There are a million quotes on when the going gets tough the tough get going.

The populous test nature’s resilience every day. She will survive.

Will we? Will you?

It’s not about plastic bags or straws; it’s about every part of everything. Co-existing.

Something we can’t even do with our personal beliefs. How do we expect to save a planet that we can’t even agree on how the planet should be let to exist. We want all people to be the same. We want. We want. We want.

Be like us, not you, you’re wrong.

Stifle it.

Be whatever you want or what you need to be to be happy.

(Unless this entails murder.)

I watched, Emeril Eats the World, the most ridiculous title for a show in a long time, last night.

The episode in South Korea. Where he travels to meet Jeong Kwan, a Zen Buddhist nun and the show evolves to something special. A spiritual journey. 

.Listen to what the nun says.

Fall Equinox



This day is yours to live.zen (640x425)


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