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We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.

Ernest Hemingway



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Even with tattered wings we can soar to new heights and succeed. Just try.

I had passed over this photo, not knowing what was there.


Empowerment comes in many unexpected forms. After my decision yesterday, I had a moment of feeling a bit like dirt. Just a moment, then I realized I felt good about being strong enough to stand up for myself.

I woke up this morning and cleaned the blinds and windows, an apparition  of seeing my former self. Strong not afraid to see things, wipe away what had come to fog my view.

I am grateful.

Twenty pages of my new work flowed smoothly onto the pages, character strong, thoughts clear, and unafraid of what others may think.

Peace Out.


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Do we really need to be a part of a herd? In this case, a herd is people with the common desire of writing and herding according to what we write. I used to think so, immensely enjoyed the group even tho dues and such where steep (had to belong to another organization to pay to belong to another) and meeting were far away. Loved the people, but did I need the herd? No. In this day of uber-connecting and trying to find our perfect niche, We abandon ourselves a little each time.

Of course, someone will then come along and create-another niche for us. We need to make our own paths, know ourselves better than we do, and stay true. Pavlov would be proud at how we sometimes jump to the sound of the newest thing.

Read about other people who share your passion, what little they had was used to get their work out there.
The foremost that comes to mind is, Debbie Macomber. There are many more, it is just that I have met her.
We need to cull our herds and focus on our passion.

If this means sequestering ourselves away with many pots of coffee and then many pots of chamomile tea to counteract the insanity the caffeine overload has left in its wake, well hey so be it.
What brought this on? Invites to three new groups all with per-requisites of joining other groups and all with dues. Um, newsflash Photographers, writers, artists- not wealthy.

All I have of value is my imagination and it is priceless.

I am not saying don’t socialize or as writers don’t go and hang out with other writers (do miss that), but don’t make it a club.


Rain and fog

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The above is a glorious combination for a Sunday morning with the day off. I awoke early in the dark as rain drops plinked on the gutters outside my window. As it progressed I noticed the air smelled clean and fresh as just washed. Indeed it had been.

My cat crawled down from his condo perch and snuggled next to me, a joyous part of his aging as in his younger years he would have wanted to wrestle with whatever was under the covers.  He still does from time to time, he is more proper about his times of attack is all.

The house quiet, I decided to stay awake and read. It turned into a writing stint on a new short story. I stayed in bed, even tho my new desk chair beckoned me to my desk. I splurged at IKEA. The chair was $39. and came in the smallest box filled with the largest chair made up of more parts than I thought, but was worth the wading through 20 pages of directions. It is wonderful, of course the lawn chair it replaced was overdue for retirement when I dragged it home three years ago.

Speaking of years, I cannot believe I have been living here (SP) for 6 years. Fog must trap one here or maybe it is the nightly sound of the sea lions barking in the harbor. More than likely it is simply the nearness to the ocean, being able to see it from my front door, and know I have a home.

Enjoy this and every day


Hooba says so.


Who knew

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A long time ago, I made this blog. And like most things in my whirlwind of a life, I forgot about it. It was done at a conference on writing and publicizing yourself.

Oh. Maybe that is why I shelved it. Running from success with wings on my feet, as always.


Sometimes I feel like this photo, I bar myself from new heights with non-existent barriers. Only a reflection or a mirror of mind’s view of success.

Oh and I knew.



The Morning Press

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Coffee press that is. it has been a long time since I took any time to relax. I don’t let myself do that. I bought the coffee press because it was discounted to $3.48! yes  it was complete. Then it sat on my counter for the weeks, until this morning.

I made a promise to do three things just for me today.

1. Use the Press, an old morning ritual gone by the wayside.

2. Sit out on the deck in the morning fog and marine layer.

3. (the oddest) Go to Costco. I find it is always an adventure and the jaunt around the store does my mind good. Whilst tasting of the offered treats, I hash out plot holes, characters, and storylines. Added bonus is I eat better.

Having accomplished two of my three, I am now blogging for the first time on this blog.

The wonders of the simple things, the Coffee Press. Not to mention the uber-perfect coffee they make.

The chill on the morning air settles over me, the morning dew dampens my hair; I am thankful for the arrival of Fall.

I wrote a complete novel a couple of years back, and the group I was in said it should be in the FP POV, I changed it and have struggled with it ever-since. Last night I dreamed I was writing it in 3rd person. My keyboard clambered to keep up with my fingers. My mind spun with long unanswered questions, and I re-finished the novel typing “The End” and laughing.

The joy of following your soul and the soul’s joy of being freed. I knew deep-down what the story was.